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RE: Ballot Station 4-3-5

You missed something.  Unfortunately, so did we.  From the FEC Standards for P&M and DRE Systems, Page 16, Section Closing the Polling Place:


            “The device shall preclude the re-opening once the poll closing has been completed for that election”


Everyone agrees that is silly, but there you have it.  It only appears to apply to DRE systems, so the AVOS will keep working as it always has.  If it becomes a demonstrable problem in some election, we can perhaps introduce a flag to allow counties to bypass certain FEC absurdities.





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Did I miss something ?  I thought the consensus was to keep the Resume counting feature. 


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Ballot Station 4-3-5 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:


BS_CE-4-3-5-0.zip      rl7ab3csbmlfm
BS_NT-4-3-5-0.zip      alrgbhcs5mlf5

·    Changed “Blank Voted" label to "Blank Ballots" in the Summary Totals section of Long Reports printed from the Results Reporting dialog.

·    Changed splash screen title text from “Global Election Systems” to “Diebold Election Systems”.

·    Removed “Resume Counting” button from Ballot Station application.

·    Fixed problem that caused the Audit Report to be printed when the Close button is clicked on in the View Ballots screen.