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Re: After Election Report - City Norfolk, Va

Kudos Rodney!!!  Glad to hear success stories!
One note on the repairs:  McKinney is handling the repair of the R6 units but the booths will need to be sent to California as follows:
ATTENTION:  Keith Long
NY Glass Plastics
1255 Railroad St.
Corona, CA  91720
At least this is where I've been sending the Johnson County, Kansas booths for repair...if anyone has newer info, please share!
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Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 6:33 PM
Subject: After Election Report - City Norfolk, Va

This is an After Election Report for the City of Norfolk, VA.
The City of Norfolk was new account with 55 precincts.
We deployed into the field, 245 AVTS voting units, 55 AVTS demo units and 2 AVTS-OS units.  Election Day was the 7th of May 2002.
During acceptance testing, we found 3 units that had the continuous boot problem.  We had another two that would not boot at all, and we had one where only the bottom PCMCIA slot would work.  Of, course these units were sent for repair prior to the election.
We had 8 AVTS units that would not release the Voter Card after voting.  It appears to be the same problem that was experienced in Shelby County, TN. On 5 of these units, the problem was intermittent, but was still a problem. So, we had to take these units out of service.
We had problems with 11 AVTS voting booths. It appears that in four of the booths, the booth power cord, that plugs into the AVTS unit was not working.  Therefore, after 7 hours of voting, those units ran out of juice.  We had to plug them directly into a wall socket and bypass the booth. We had tested the booth plug-in outlet of these booths, they were working properly, but apparently the AVTS booth power cord that plugs into the AVTS unit was not.  One booth handle was broken.  On three on the booths, the outer locking latch is broken.  On the last three, the metal bracing bracket was bent.  I can see the metal bracing bracket attached to the legs is going to be a problem.  It is very flimsy. Are there replacement parts for the booths??
The booths and AVTS units will be shipped back to McKinney for maintenance and repairs.
There were other minor problems with poll workers deleting their Spyrus with the Manager Card.  We will re-address this at future training sessions.
Other than the few items mentioned above, the election was a great success.  We were able to modem upload all but 15 precincts, this is more than expected.  Accumulating results, AccuVote-OS, reporting all went great.
Rodney D. Turner
Diebold Election Systems
214-642-6289 cell
800-433-8683 ext. 159
972-542-6044 fax