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RE: VIBS units

See below.
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Subject: VIBS units

I have several questions relating to the VIBS headsets and keypads.

1.    Are there different sizes of keypads?   What is the newest model available? 
There is only one style and size of keypad currently being produced.  It is the DESI PN 312-3111 (R1.1) Keypad, Serial, 12 Key, for AV-TS R6 VIBS.  See attached JPEG.

Different models? 

There have been different models made in the past by modifying off-the-shelf accounting style keypads but these were considered demo units.

Have their been size changes since the 2001 demonstration of these units to JoCoKs?

I don't know what JoCo was presented in 2001, but I'm sure it is different than the keypad that we are producing today.

2.    How do the keypads fit with the AVTS-R6 unit in the voting booth?

The keypad interface is the serial port on the right side of the AV-TS R6 unit.  Those ports are accessible (I use the term loosely) through the opening on the booth.

  Is there a way they connect to the booth?  Is there a shelf that attaches?  How are they designed to operate with this booth?

If you're asking if there is a way of attaching the keypad to the booth when it is not in use, the answer is "no".  Currently, the keypad is meant to rest somewhere on the unit.  This isn't the most elegant solution, but we haven't designed anything different at this time.

3.    Is the VIBS package part of the NASED Certification for the AVTS-R6
and Ballot Station 4.1.11?

I leave this one for someone else to answer.

Ian S. Piper
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

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