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The status of things (was RE: Poll Worker card)

Same answer as with the rcr you just posted.  We don’t have a timeline yet, but look for the line item coming to a web page near you.  .


Right now, just to throw folks a bone, we are working on the following.  What we are working on “after that” is TBD.


Ken:                 Precinct Control Center, Syrus Failures, AVTS wireless interface to PCC, Los Angeles design

Tab:                  Puerto Rico ballot sorting and reporting, Texas Log Printer, Bug fix duty

Dmitry:             Bug fix duty

Whitman:          Bug fix duty

Josh:                Bugzilla bug/rcr tracking system

Ataa:                AVTS ballot page reorganization;  previous button to instructions, change language, voter magnify fonts, error handling

Jason:              Los Angeles punch card control, AVOS maintenance

Denise:             Accu-Basic common customizable reports for AVTS

Kevin:               Memory card “mass download” device.





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The Poll Worker card is on my list of issues for Johnson County.  They picked it up from the documentation and are wanting it delivered under the contract.  Any positive feedback I can give them as to timeframe yet?  Lesley

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There is no fixed date for when this feature will be implemented.  Regardless of when or if this happens, the documentation should match the current feature set.




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Monday, April 29, 2002 4:15 PM
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Subject: Poll Worker card


When is the Poll Worker card going to be implemented (ie., the card that pollworkers were originally intended to use to close the election with)?  If the card will not be implemented, references to it should be removed from product documentation.