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Re: Troubleshooting Info for TS

new TS troubleshooting with more info
Thanks Don

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From: "Karen Stubblefield" <karens@gesn.com>
To: <support@gesn.com>
Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 3:12 PM
Subject: Troubleshooting Info for TS

> Bob has asked me to work on creating a help file for the TS for our
> in Georgia. I have an updated copy of the User's guide. However, there is
> not much of a troubleshooting section yet. Nel suggested I request input
> from those of you who have experience with using the TS in the field. If
> of you have any comments or any documentation that would be helpful to
> include I would greatly appreciate it.
> I will be putting any appropriate text into a help file, like those
> accessible from all Microsoft Office products. This file will be used in
> training, and given to the folks in Georgia that will be working in the
> regional call centers that will be set up for the election. Nel will also
> work on incorporating appropriate comments into the User's Guide itself.
> I eagerly await your input. Thanks!
> Karen Stubblefield
> 972-542-6000 x160
> karens@gesn.com

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