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RCR Summary Listing - Priority Listing - Estimated Dates

OK.  I am not trying to stir up trouble (believe it or not).  I did have a brief discussion with Tab about this, but I'm trying to get it onto the radar screen.  
With the number of RCR's being submitted, and having only an archived email listing, (with subject line inconsistencies), it seems like we would all benefit by being able to view a summarized listing of the submitted RCRs.  Perhaps once a month it could be updated to show what the priorities are (perhaps someday there will be an actual feedback loop for prioritizing RCR's), but in any case, it seems like it would be helpful for everyone to see where their RCR's are on the status list.  Is this a reasonable goal or a waste of time?  Seems like it would be difficult to manage the programmers and priorities without it anyway.  Submitted for discussion.
Steve Knecht
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