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RE: El Paso Run-Off Election Font Problem

This problem was resolve since the win 98 units did not have the Arial
Narrow font the font was substituted by the ballot station software as it
was rendering the ballot.  This out come is that some names were rendered in
one font type and other names were rendered in another.  Once I copied the
font file from the NT server Font folder to the win 98 machine the problem


Will we see this in using CE unit font vs. NT server fonts?


PS,  the database is on the FTP site in Incoming.  No password needed.


Juan A. Rivera

Diebold Election Systems 

(214) 335-3478


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    Could you send us the database that caused the problem so we can
determine why the font being selected was not consistent.


    As for trying to warn on startup that a font is missing this is not
feasible due to the time it would take to scan all of the RTF data and I do
not know if it is even possible. Furthermore what would we do if the font
was missing?  Our best approach is to track down why the font substitution
was not being consistent.



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Update on this problem and tentative explanation.


With Jeff Hintz help, we have determined that this problem was due to the


 On Gems a font was selected as Arial Narrow 11.  When downloading to a NT
version VTS all of the fonts represented on the screen were the same.  But
when down loading to a WIN 98 VTS (that is what El Paso has) in some of the
races the Font was different from each other even though it was the same
database.  Our assumption is that WIN98 AVTS did not have the font available
within its library and it just took a font it felt the most correct.  If all
were the same then it would not have been a problem, but since font selected
was arbitrary that is why we had complains.


Will we see this again with the R6 units?  (CE vs. NT) Should the program
warn you on start up that the font required are not available?


The best fix for El Paso is to replace old R4 units with new R6.  That is
what will happen before their next election in November 2002.  They have 135
R4 AVTS with WIN 98.  They just received 100 R6 to replace old units but we
still need 35 more R6's to complete the change over.



Thanks Jeff.



Juan A. Rivera

Diebold Election Systems

(214) 335-3478



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Subject: El Paso Run-Off Election Font Problem


We have had a complaint in El Paso, Texas.  It is alleged that during the
past runoff election on one particular race that the font for one candidate
was some how presented in a different font or type face than the competing
candidate.  Since this candidate lost, she claims unfair advantage to the
winner since it is alleged that his font was larger than hers, thus,
enticing the voter to chose her opponent instead of her.  


I have discussed this with Rodney Turner since he was the Global Support
Representative for this account at the time; and he has looked in GEMS and
assures me that Arial Thin 11 was used for both candidate names.


Question # 1; is it possible that during the download to the R4 units that
this font may have been changed by the Ballot Station software when it was
rendering the GEMS originate font or type face?


Question # 2; is there a way to make sure that what was sent as a font type
was indeed what was rendered on the Ballot Station with out just by eyeball
alone.  Since this is what has created the dilemma in the first place by
someone who has made the assumption that it is different just because that
is what they perceived by looking on the screen, I would like to be in our
explanation to El Paso, a bit more scientific about this.  Specially that we
are waiting for them to sign a county wide order for three (3) million
dollars soon, (I hope).


If this goes to court we may have to prove that it is the same.  I will
arrive on site on Monday the 15th and I will get a copy of the GEMS data
base and a copy of a ballot station disc files to send as a follow-up to
this bug track.


We need to defuse this ASAP.  Please respond, thanks.



Juan A. Rivera

Diebold Election Systems

(214) 335-3478



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