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RE: winCE services needed for downloading from laptop

Wow, not fitting on a 128MB card sounds suspicious, but I guess it would be possible given the right (ie, wrong) audio data.  You need to install the CE services for other reasons (the rich text), but I don’t think it will help your audio size problem.  Correct me if I am wrong (it’s entirely possible).  My suggestion is to upgrade to CE 3.0 and BS 4.3, and mp3 compress your audio.  If that still doesn’t work, contact me directly and I will arrange get your database and see what is going on.





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Subject: winCE services needed for downloading from laptop


I have my new laptop loaded - but not with the Win Ce Services.  I can download text to TS units but get the message" windows CE services were not found on this machine   continue with download ? "  when I queue up the Vote center

so I say yes and it works

adding audio to the database gives me the same message and then when I start the port the TS unit says Not enough storage is available to process this command.( a 128mg card )  and the Gems side says specified network name is no longer available.


any ideas


will putting CE on it help.