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RE: File Size Limits

There should be no limit to the size of emails sent to dieboldes accounts.  Please talk to Josh Gardner if you are having problems there.  Earthlink we have no control over.  In the foreseeable future we plan to move earthlink users off the earthlink mailboxes and onto dieboldes mailboxes to alleviate this problem.


Note that 9MB is a lot to upload over a slow link though;  it might just be a matter of your upload dieing mid-send, rather than an email problem per-se.  One solution is to split up the big file into manageable chunks.  Check out HJ-Split for the task.





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Can you email Gary and I instructions for him posting a file to the FTP site?

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see if he can put it up on the ftp or on a cd


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Subject: File Size Limits


Gary Smith of Placer has been attempting to send me a 9Mb file to both the earthlink and the dieboldes account emails.  They all fail.  Is there a way to bump up the file size limitation size, at least temporarily?


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