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Re: MDB file extremely large for Shelby County, TN - Primary Election

   To fix the problem with database locks during reporting we had to move the creation of the temporary tables used into their own transaction. Unfortunately the Jet database does not recover the disk space when these table are deleted, therefore the database size grows.  To shring the database you must dump and load.  NOTE: Do not do this while the poster is posting any jobs.
    As for performance, it is not the size of the database that matters so much as the number of counters.  Therefore if you have a large number of machines with few ballots cast but many for many precincts the counters will get large.  This is becoming a bigger issue now that we have more jurisidictions that are doing Early voting and it is one of the many things we have on our plate to try to improve.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 11:39 AM
Subject: MDB file extremely large for Shelby County, TN - Primary Election

I have a concern for the upcoming Primary Election in Shelby County, TN.  During their L&A testing of the AVTS units, they have somehow created the actual database file to be a little over 1 gig in size.  I am concerned about the performance of the Server when doing Summary Reports on Election Day.
Unfortunately, GEMS was installed on the C: drive, which is only 4 gig in size.  It should have been installed on the F: drive, which is 50 gig in size.  They do not wish to uninstall GEMS off of the C: drive, then reinstall GEMS on the F: drive, since they have done all of their L&A testing and reporting successfully.
Tab had to do some changes in the database for me, and it is now only 2 meg in size.  So I am hoping that when we do the actual loading of all the PCMCIA cards, and processing of the Paper Absentee Ballots, that it will not increase to over 1 gig in size, but I cannot be for sure about this.
One other note, the file Pagefile.sys is over 1 gig in size.  I am wondering if this may be some of the cause of the performance of the Server, other than the Hard Disk space.
Any input???
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