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Re: Pennsylvania Certification

    We do not certify operating systems with Wyle.  Therefore we do not need to get WinCE 3.0 certified by Wyle. What we need to get certified is BallotStation 4.3.2.  We do not want to get Wyle reviewing and certifying the operating systems.  Therefore can we keep to a minimum the references to the WnCE 3.0 operating system.
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Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 2:28 PM
Subject: Fw: Pennsylvania Certification

I'm assuming you've got the ball on this.
These are the steps necessary to get started in PennsylvaniaA letter must be sent to Monna Accurti requesting the withdrawal of two previously submitted products with our current products.   Completed by Don Vopolensky
The best we can aim for is June certification.
We must submit our request complete with documentation by MAY 1, 2002 for a certification date in June.
We need
1.    Win CE 3.0 to be approved by Wylie.  Jeff Hallmark says the CE 3.0 will be sent the week of April 15th.
2.    GEMS 1-18-9 or better to be go to MetaMore.  Already at Ciber
3.    Ballot Station 4-3-2 or better to be approved by   Will be released Friday, April 12th.  Jeff Hintz and Jane Barth to test the hell out it.
4.    Certification documention for GEMS-1-18-9 and BS-4-3-2.   Nel Finberg and Tracy Treat documentation progressing.  Promised to have it finished
5.    Someone to take charge and drive the certification train to Harrisburg.   Jeff Hintz or/and Jeff Hallmark
What's next?  What else has to be done? 
Testing must be done for both OS and TS.  Looks like we're going to make it!
Cumberland County has seen all the DRE products and is of the opinion that our product is the best for their needs.  Their plan is to use the AccuVote-TS for a few precincts in November and purchase the system early 2003.  They would like to have one DRE for every 250 registered voters.  They currently have 127,585 registered voters.  510 AccuVote-TS potential.
Greg Forsythe 
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Here is Greg’s report on his and Mark’s great adventure in PA this week.  It looks like we made a lot of headway.  I talked to Wanda Zieglar and she seemed impressed with the functionality of the AccuVote TS and the versatility of GEMS.  Greg gave her and her staff a GEMS demo before he left.  As we are aware, there is much potential in PA, with certification being our most pressing issue.




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Hi Robert


We set up the Diebold booth Mark Radke brought Tuesday morning after meeting with Wanda Zeigler, Election Manager, Cumberland County. 


We had an R6 with Windows CE 3.0 and GEMS 1-18-8 for cross-endorse elections. 


We demonstrated the Pennsylvania version of cross-endorse as well as the Pennsylvania method of changing candidates, simply by touching another candidate.  The demonstrations started Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. for the election commissioners followed by the precinct judges. 


Quite a busy day and lasted till almost 8:00 p.m. when the last precinct worker left.  The comments I heard from the precinct workers were they liked our system the best as they went out the door clutching their new calculator.


I asked Wanda for a complete set of ballots from their previous election which she provided.  Tony, her assistant, also gave us a roster for all the other counties, complete with election managers, addresses and phone numbers.  Very useful.


Wanda plans to use DREs in a few precincts for their November election and purchase a full system in the spring of 2003.  They have 128,000 registered voters and anticipate a 1:250 ratio for approximately 512 units.


The election manager from Lebanon County (55 precincts) also dropped over for a demonstration.


If we are to be considered as the supplier for this customer, we must get Win CE3.0 and GEMS 1-18-8 (or better) complete with documentation, certified by Wylie and Metamor


Greg and Mark

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It looks like we are stuck until Federal certifications are complete.  Is the software complete and bug free?




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To: Steve Moreland
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Subject: Pennsylvania Certification


Hi Steve,


I have talked to Bob Diekman, one of our sales staff in the Northeast Region, who has been working with Pennsylvania for the past several years.  Pennsylvania now requires that we provide them with a letter of qualification by a certified Independent Testing Authority, (Metamor & Wyle Labs), for our systems.  Currently we are certified with GEMS 1.17.17 at Metamor, and AVTS 4.0.11, with 4.1.6 in the queue.  However, Pennsylvania requires X Endorsements within their General Elections, which has been added into GEMS 1.18.8.  In order for us to be able to do the certification in Pennsylvania, we first need to get GEMS 1.18.8 to Metamor for them to start testing, along with all the necessary documentation.  Our other obstacle is that, Nel Finberg, our documentation person, is currently on vacation, and will not be back until April.  I can work on testing GEMS 1.18.8, but who can we get to do the documentation needed???



Jeff Hintz