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RE: BS 4.0.11 on win 98 fails to print

Jane, your move to 4.x is the right plan.  The 3.x stuff is depreciated.
You'll want to upgrade them all the way to 4.3 though.  The 4.0.11 release
has known serious problems, and is also depreciated.  You could run 4.1, but
if you're gonna upgrade you might as well go all the way.  None of the 4.x
stuff is certified on 98/NT, so the version you are running is academic from
that perspective.

Dmitry, can you please work with Jane and worked out whatever kinks exist
with 4.3 on 98/NT and R4 hardware.  There will probably be issues other than
the printer.


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		Loaded BS 4.0.11 .exe file on win 98.  When I try and print
a report the only thing it prints is a line of asterisks.  However, it does
print the default test page and from word pad.  Any suggestions?


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