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Re: Jresult client files on web

The JResultClient.html can be used to specify the location of the applet when running from http server.  Attached is an updated version of JResultClient.html, please use a text editor to change the line from
<PARAM NAME="address" VALUE="">>
<PARAM NAME="address" VALUE="https://home.earthlink.net/~meglobal/">>
 and overwrite the JResultClient.html in your \Program Files\GEMS\JResultClient\ folder.
Then copy all the files in \Program Files\GEMS\JResultClient\ folder to https://home.earthlink.net/~meglobal/
Now all the .class, .gif and html files are all on the web site and they should work with each other happily.  You may even want to rename the file name to index.html on your web site.  This will run the html file when you enter https://home.earthlink.net/~meglobal/ from your browser.  Also it is good to set aside the data by moving the script.lst and other sXXX-XXX.txt to a sub-folder.
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Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 10:56
Subject: Jresult client files on web

I am testing JResult Client’s ability to pull results off of a website. I placed some test results files at:




The files are script.lst, s1-0.txt and s19-0.txt. I cannot get JResult Client to give me the list of scripts when I hit refresh.


Is there some trick to the addressing I am missing, or is this most likely something wrong on my end? Everything works well if the files are on a local drive.




Mark Earley

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Title: JResult Client HTML
Press refresh to see the results

**** NOTE: This file must be customized for your systems URL and data file location ****
Use a text editor (such as Notepad) to modify this file
Change the VALUE="" below to define your data location.
**** Once you have done this comment out these lines by enclosing it in a < ! ....> ****