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RE: ABasic-1-18-9

Your right Jeff, nobody in Pennsylvania will use it either until Ciber has blessed it with certification.


By the way, how is the Jeff and Don certification team doing with PA?  We have until the end of the month.  Is anything being done re documentation, CE 3.0, Ballot Station 4-3-2.\???????

This could be a good time for another Don Vopalensky certification update.

Greg (using


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I would not use it until it has at least been Certified by Ciber in Alabama.  However, there are others who do not follow this thinking.



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When does 1.18 branch become production vs. development?

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ABasic reports 1-18-9 are on ftp site. The password is:


ABasic-1-18-9.zip   mnsabvbwqthdt



·    Add new California summary report 194ussmca  based on 194us that prints precinct summary info only.

·    Add new 194us Pennsylvania report to support Pennsylvania requirement to accumulate cross endorse candidates totals into one total and do not report by party on AccuVote-OS tape.

·    Print write-ins candidates after the candidates in 194us and 194ussm.