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RE: GEMS-1-18-9

When is the next version of AVTS going  to be out.  The one that will fix the reporting for Cross Endorsed candidates.
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Subject: GEMS-1-18-9

GEMS -1-18-9 is on ftp site. The password is:

GEMS-1-18-9.zip    apsefbq9ctf1e

1.18.9     Apr 03, 2002

  • Update copyright notice from “Global Election Systems, Inc.” to “Diebold Election Systems, Inc.”
  • Fix bug when no candidate totals are displayed for the @RACE parameter on the SOVC certification page.
  • Added ability to import a race’s  VGroup to the Standard Import option.
  • Fixed problem where ballot entity in Tree View remained when artwork had been deleted.  
  • Fixed problem where minus sign does not change to a plus sign when entity is collapsed in Tree View.
  • Fixed problem in Counter Group editor where changes in the Label field are not reflected in the Label list of the Counter Group tab.
  • Added option to display a cross endorsed (XEndorse) candidate’s name only once on ballot.
  • Added support in Central Count for the tailing of cross endorsed (XEndorse) candidates when their name appears only once on a ballot.
  • Fixed problem where Write-In candidate totals are incorrectly formatted in a Summary report.
  • Fixed problem with calculation of VCenter size in VCenter dialog using Calc.Size button.
  • Fixed support for ballots using VGroup2 that has been downloaded to the AccuVote-TS.
  • Added ability to reset the Track Registration option in the Voter Group dialog after the Set for Election option has been set in GEMS.
  • Added warning dialog that appears when an user attempts to delete Voter Registration totals in Voter Registration dialog.
  • Fixed problem where a new Baseunit was assigned the Id of an existing Baseunit.
  • Fixed problem with Standard Import option where wrong VGroup Id type was imported.
  • Fixed problem with Standard Import option to allow only VGroup  records with Track Registration option set to True to be imported.
  • Added ability to modify colors specified in VGroup editor until  Set for Election option is specified in Election Option dialog.
  • Added option to specify number of Absentee/NonAbsentee votes to be displayed in  SOVC report.
  • Added option to list specified number of  Absentee/NonAbsentee votes after Precinct Totals in SOVC report.
  • Added percentages of Voter Turnout and Precinct Reporting to Election Summary Report.
  • Fixed problem with dismissing “Port is in use” message when attempting to access an unavailable port  in  the AccuVote-OS – Server 1dialog.
  • Fixed problem where Deleting voter group in an Endorsement/Preference race causes an exception in GEMS.
  • Fixed problem with total number of candidates that appear on AccuVote-OS tape after downloading.
  • Fixed problem where no data is displayed in Ballot Audit dialog.
  • Fixed creating  SOVC report problem that causes GEMS to crash. Problem occurred when generating report with  the "Cross Endorse Totals Only" option checked in SOVC dialog.

Merged from 1-17-22. Released  March 04, 2002

  • Fix bug when parent sortseq id did not show up in BaseunitEditor.
  • Check vote group tracks voter registration before importing totals.
  • Fixed problem where central count vote centers where not being displayed in the select vote center dialog by default when accessed from the central count server.
  • Display first challenge VCenter if such exists  when open Challenge Board dialog.
  • Fix bug when race title was truncated by 1 when downloaded to AVTOS.
  • Fix internal error when importing BRC results.
  • Fix problem when Card Cast report fails when generating counters with "CounterGroup detail" check box checked
  • Fix problem when duplicate results were send to the host database when doing regional results.
  • Create audit log record when previewing SOVC, Summary, and Card Cast reports.
  • Add logging for Regional Results Server and Client.
  • Fix problem when VGroup totals did not add up correctly in Card Cast Report.
  • Double-click DB name to open election.
  • Fix problem when Cards Cast totals did not break up by reporting sets in Election Summary Report.