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RE: Truncated Names on Reports

We are physically constrained by the AVOS and AVTS tape.  We had some
discussion with Jeff Hintz a while back and have come up with some ideas
to improve this some (split names over multiple lines, etc), but for now
you have to abbreviate really long names.  The rich text field does not
have the limitation, but ultimately you have to be careful with long
names there as well, since the longest name will dictate the number of
columns you can have on the ballot for a given font.  It becomes even
more of a problem when you throw in the magnify option.  Its not a
trivial problem.


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This is probably an old issue but I am new on the block so need an
The names on reports in GEMS are limited to 20 characters .  This has
already become a problem as the a candidate for Mayor is being truncated
the Summary Report.  Are we attempting to fix this?

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