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RE: Election Summary Report

I do agree with you for the one race, the Topeka Mayor, it has 159 baseunits.  However the other 5 races,  USD 501 Position 1, USD 501 Position 2, USD 501 Position, USD 501 At-Large, and USD 501 Question, all have the same number of baseunits, (116), and all races appear on all of those ballots for all of those baseunits.  All of those 5 races should have same number of Times Counted, as they do in Pct. 5/04, Pct. 5/05, and any of the other 115 baseunits that USD 501 appears.  You will also notice in Pct. 5/03, that the Cards Cast is 158, and the closest Times Counted is 153.  It looks more like a corrupted memory card to me.  Any body else with some input???
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Times counted in Summary report is the sum of times counted for all the baseunits for a race, and the number of baseunits is different for each race in the Shawnee's database. Hope this helps.
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Enclosed is a test database with totals from Shawnee County, KS.  In Pct. 5/03, the Times Counted is different for each race, even though all of these races appears on the ballot, which would mean that the Times Counted should be the same.  I do not have the actual ballots that they used in the test, nor the Memory card.  They are using GEMS 1.17.12.  Any ideas???