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How many IP addresses can be used in a AVTS election?

Customer has 285 R6s using BS 4-0-1.1 to be all be used in a low turn out (approximate 15,000 voters) election May 7.  They plan to upload direct.  A number of the 75 precincts will have four R6s.
They have no spares.  They want all 285 R6s to be functional on election day.
The first sixteen units to return for direct upload will be used on the Ethernet hub to upload the 285 PCMCIAs.  They do not know which R6s will return first.  
Should all 285 R6s have IP addresses?  What numbers are available for IP addresses?
Should the IP addresses be installed when the units arrive twenty minutes after polls close?  Not a good time IMHO.  In advance?  They do not plan on using modems.
Need some help. 

Greg Forsythe
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
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