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Fw: Placer SOV

I am forwarding this version of the Reports that Placer is used to for the
SOVC, in the hopes that someone familar with the SOVC can give me the
checkbox options that most closely approximate this.  Notice the first page
Grand Total summary page and the next page absentee summary totals page
prior to precinct detail. Also, the last line totals after the precincts.
We have 5 DFM accounts all used to this type of capability.  May we do it
and I don't know how to tweak it out of the system.  I've loaded GEMS
Reports 1.17.21 as well as GEMS 1-18-8 (just in case the answer is in that
branch) and Dmitry has the DB in Vancouver.  Thanks.
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From: Gary Smith <GSmith@placer.ca.gov>
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Cc: Ryan Ronco <RRonco@placer.ca.gov>
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 11:02 AM
Subject: Placer SOV

On the cards cast report, combing the parties would be ok.  What ever works
will be alright.  I guess you got Ryan's message about the SOV.
Here is some examples of what we like.  If the font could be a little bigger
that would be great.

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