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RE: AccuVote-TS Quality Production Stop - Reboot Issues

Title: FW: AccuVote-TS Quality Production Stop - Reboot Issues
What about the AVTS units that have already been shipped to customers???  Do these units have the possibility of having this problem???  We have elections on this equipment on April 3rd in Johnson County, KS and Early Voting starts on April 17th in Shelby County, TN.
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Subject: FW: AccuVote-TS Quality Production Stop - Reboot Issues

Support Team,

Recently manufacturing has experienced certain in-process product failures with the AccuVote-TS machines.  Our preliminary assessment is that this may be caused by motherboard related issues such as machine freezing-up, start-up error that yields machine lockup, and machine self re-booting.  In addition, we know of at least two other incidents reported in the field.

In an effort to maintain the highest quality production, effective Monday  March 11, 2002, North America Manufacturing will stop production due to the quality product issues described.  This stop will be in effect until DES Design (Pat Green's organization) has had an opportunity to further investigate, make a determination as to root cause, and then can supply corrective action to a resolution of the issues reported.  DES Design will be working closely with Bill Bleau and our supplier quality engineering organization to identify any component and/or supplier-related issues.

For those of you unaware of the issues reported, here are some of the symptoms:

Currently, Lexington has experienced this during their receiving inspection and also during testing phases in Production.  Most recently, we have also had a few reported instances that took place during out of box audits.  In addition, there were 2 units that exhibited these conditions that were seen in the field.  Lexington has submitted several motherboards to DES Design for further analysis and review.

Lexington production will resume once the issues have been identified and a resolution is in place. This will assure that quality product can be built, tested and shipped to our customers to the commitment of a defect-free environment.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  Updates will be forthcoming as this situation evolves.

Cindy Hartzell
Customer Satisfaction Manager
North America Manufacturing
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