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Re: Pre-Election Report Error Using 1-17-17 and Win2K

Title: Okaloosa County FL has a election scheduled for this Tuesday
Select Microsoft Access Driver (.mdb) and save the new DSN. I think it should fix the problem with Crystal reports.
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Sent: Sunday, March 10, 2002 8:52 AM
Subject: Pre-Election Report Error Using 1-17-17 and Win2K

Okaloosa County FL has a small election scheduled for this Tuesday. They are running GEMS 1.17.17 under Win 2000 and cannot get pre-election reports to work. It gives the following error when previewing or printing the reports:


Failed to connect to database

Error (527) - Error in File:

SQL server error.


The problem seems identical to the one reported by Cathi Smothers back in August 2001. Dmitry mentions a work around, login as administrator on W2K machine and create a new System DSN under ODBC settings. After that Crystal reports will work without errors. I also see mentioned a new GEMS install pack, but I cannot use it due to certification limitations.


I want to try the workaround, but I need specific instructions on how to setup and configure the new system DSN. I found the ODBC settings in Control Panel, and got to the System DSN tab. Clicking ADD button takes me to the select a driver for the data source screen.


  • Do I select Microsoft Access Driver (.mdb) or SQL Server, or some other driver from the list.
  • What do I do next?


As others have reported, I am able to print the pre-election reports on my laptop running Win 2K.




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