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RE: Sealing AVTS units

The booth has a set of holes for a seal.  This would secure the entire TS
inside the closed booth if that helps.

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I am not certain that the Election Code actually calls for the PC card to
sealed on our unit or any othre type of memory storage device be sealed in
general on TS units.  Currently there is little election code relative to
the hardware of TS.  I am not aware that Sequoia or ESS have a method
  Histroically we have done so with the memory card on the OS unit and
Volusia has included that language in their "security procedures".  I
discussed with them the possibility of paper seal over the PC card(s).
Simply put, you cant seal the PC card cover, because you have to unlock the
cover to turn the unit on.  Hardware designers should give this some
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Subject: Sealing AVTS units

> I received a question today from the FL Div of Elections on behalf of
> Volusia County.
> *	The question is: "How do you seal the AVTS units?"
> Also,
> *	Is there a reason that AVTS units are not or do not need to be
> while the AVOS units are sealed in preparation for Election Day?
> *	Are there any security concerns relating to the exposed IrDA and
> ports not enclosed behind the locked door?
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