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RE: JResults Client for the Web

Very unfortunately, no.  If it is any consolation, this is job number one for our new Web Developer, who starts Monday.  We are planning to rewrite/rework JResultClient completely.  Right now Internet Reporting is a hole in our product line that is being filled by both direct and indirect competitors.  Obviously it is going to take time for the new developer to get up to speed, it’s an enormous task, and he has a few other job number ones to work on aside from this besides.  But we’re real excited about the possibilities for JResultClient’s successor.  We’ll update everyone with features and timelines as we move forward.







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I have several counties in Florida wanting to post results on their web server for use with JResults. I found the documentation in the GEMS User’s Guide on the subject and it is very well written.


Don’t we have a version of JResults Client, though, that runs directly off of a web server so that people at home do not need to load JResults directly on their computer? Do we support this? If so, do we have any documentation regarding installing JResults Client directly on a web server and where can I get this version? Are there any browser limitations or requirements?






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