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Importing BRC totals in a primary

Rodney came across a problem importing BRC totals where the system complained of duplicate positions.  The way BRC import works is it takes punch card position off a results report, and matches it up with a GEMS candidate with the same ExportId.  In the case of a primary election, different candidates from the different parties can share a position, so the system has no way of determining which candidate the totals are for based on the punch position alone.
The solution is a bit of a hack, but it works.  Set up two vote centers to import into, containing all report precincts.  You can do this by control-dragging all report precincts into a second vote center.  Name each of the vote centers after the party -- eg, Dem, and Rep.  Next create race reporting sets for Dem and Rep, with only the Dem and Rep races, respectively, and sharing NP races.  Make the filter set for the Dem vote center the Dem reporting set, and likwise for Rep.  Finally, do the BRC import in two passes:  one for each party.  Since the import system is dealing with only one party at a time, it can figure out the candidate given a punch position.