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Placer Ballot Box Problems

We are experiencing ballots leaving the AccuVote-OS and getting stuck in the ballot path in an extraordinary number of ballot boxes, roughly 1/3 of them in Placer.  Deborah is running into this in her small election this weekend.  Ballots are getting hung up behind the back horizontal bar, as the ballot is entering the curved portion of the ballot chute.  This is happening to too many of these to be a coincidence.  This will cause jamming during the day in too many locations to deal with.  We need to figure out what is causing this and have 1 week to get it resolved, before delivery of ballot boxes by drayage company.  Who in McKinney should I work with on this?
Steve Knecht
Diebold Election Systems
415-893-9941 office   415-893-9951 fax
415-225-6591 cell