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Tulare Central Count. - Read Heads need to be shimmed

Tulare called this AM. Vern says the reader gives constant "No back left timing mark" and other timing mark messages when using the feeder.  The read heads were all swapped out this fall.  Question on this error message.  Does this imply that the reader is running too fast or too slow?  That is, does the clock run expecting a certain speed of ballot feed and during the time cycle doesn't see 41 marks (11"), ie its not seeing 41 marks, and is too slow?  Or is it the reverse, it is running too fast?  I guess if its too fast, it could not be having enough time to set itsef and read first mark.  I have resolved this issue in past by "shimming" readers in the field, but I would like to better understand what this message means.  If we need to fly someone from McKinney into Fresno and have them drive to Visalia, we need to do this relatively quickly as ballot processing starts in two weeks.  I am seeing the same types of messages in Placer, but not to the same degree. 
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