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OS prints endless loop

The procedure below allowed a proper download.  Now we are getting an infinite loop of the totals printout.  Anyone seen this?
Steve R.
    The problem was that the recount race set, (set in the recount tab of the election setup dialog) was not set to the AllRaces race set and therefore the races being downloaded were only those in the recount race set.
    To fix the problem unset for election and then check the recount box, select the AllRaces race set, then unset the recount box and re-set for election.

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There was a union election in Brandon Ont. yesterday.  They are NOW trying to download the election onto an OS unit to count their ballots.  They keep getting a "message out of sync" message on the AccuVote. Was able to duplicate the problem here.  If anyone has time to look at the attached database, please help.
The election was generated on GEMS 1-17-11-1 
AccuVote has 1.94W firmware

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for Jim Fitzgerald

Maria Egizii

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