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cd RW for servers we sell

I have been battling this extensively these past few weeks and wanted to toss out some ideas -
In view of the fact that our TS accounts usually get audio that boosts the file size over the standard 1.44 mg disk -  artwork, databases and just the documents we create for pollworker training and to post in the voter booths almost always exceed 3 mgs - 
our email is currently limited to 10 mg and during this time of year with files being sent back and forth I fill the mailbox every 3-4 days  
Our clients need CD RW drives instead of tape backups on their servers and we in support need them on our laptops
Today for instance I needed to get 15mgs of files from their server to a vendor to print sample ballots -  I had to put it up on the ftp site from their server sung a 33,600 modem and then pull it down on my laptop and then split it up into chunks and email it.
It took hours to do - slow speeds on modems , slow downloads etc. 
I could have put it on a cd ( from the server)  taken it to the county dsl line and sent it in 20 minutes
I really think this needs to be put in our specs for new systems - the tape drive is useless unless you have one on your system - Does anyone out there have a tape drive on their laptop?  or their desktop?
I hope you will view this as a solution - not a problem -  I think it would be invaluable - especially with the complexity we are moving into in view of the what we are seeing now.
Thanks for listening
Tari Runyan
Diebold Election Systems
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