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Re: Booths for AV-TS

Marin recieved today.  Thanks.
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Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 8:56 AM
Subject: RE: Booths for AV-TS

According to the vendor, the booths were shipped out to the California accounts this week (Tuesday, Jan 29th and Wednesday, Jan 30th).  The expected deliveries would be, at the latest, Thursday, Jan 31st and Friday, Feb 1st, this week.  The mounting brackets were shipped yesterday from Diebold (Kevin Liesner) for delivery today.
To all California account managers:
Please respond to this email with the status of your booth and bracket deliveries.  If the product is not presently on site, we will track the shipments.
San Luis Obispo
Ian S. Piper
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
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Subject: Booths for AV-TS

There was an email indicating that Touch Screen booths were to be shipped week of Jan. 22 I thought, to Plumas, Marin, etc.  Marin has not received their booths, early voting starts Monday.  Does anyone know about this?
Steve Knecht
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