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Re: gems voter reg import in 1-17-19

    The problem is that the export does not update the default vgroup number of registrants.  It would be best if they used exportId 0 for the NP voter group. That way the system will behave as expected. I have added a note to the GEMS Import Specifications to indicate that the NP party should be ID 0.
    The easiest way to fix the current database is to manually change the NP voter totals to 0.
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To: Support
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 10:14 AM
Subject: gems voter reg import in 1-17-19

attached is db and import .txt file - I imported voter reg files and the parties came in ok but the NP voters are the total number of reg voters and when added to the parties -  it doubles the total number - is there something wrong with the export? 
they are using VG7 as non partisan and there are no figures in the export for the default VGnp in gems.
any help would be greatly appreciated
  • Tari