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RE: Election Retention in AVTS

Thanks for the info.
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Elections are removed automatically as space is required.  The internal flash filesystem (tm) is approx 8 megs.  The ballot results file for even a large early voting machine are tiny -- certainly less than 100k.  The audit log is not as simple, especially if there is a requirement to log every ballot cast.  Currently automatic logic and accuracy tests consume space on the internal flash filesystem, and they can be quite large.  We will probably change this in the future so that real election results are not kicked out by automatic L&A results.
The short answer to your question is "probably", but the only way for you to know for sure is to load up 24 largish elections on a unit.  I wouldn't promise Johnson County anything until I ran the test myself.
Couple more things to keep in mind.  The internal flash filesystem is considered "backup" storage by our system.  The primary storage is the removable memory cards.  Their capacity is limited only by how much money Johnson wants to spend.
Finally, remember that you cannot recover election results off a ballot station without a memory card loaded with the election definition.  If they want to to retain election results on the machines for six years, that will mean they have to archive their GEMS databases and software for that same period, and actually be able to reload the database when the time comes.
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Subject: Election Retention in AVTS

How many elections can be retained in the AVTS units, before a customer needs to start removing them.  Would a 4-6 year election cycle be abel to be retained.  That would probably be between 8 and 24 elections, some small and some big.
This was a question that Johnson County, KS wanted an answer to.
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