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Re: Network Cards for R-6

Contemporary versions of the BallotStation 4.x firmware do not support IP address definition, as the utility that should activate when a new network card is installed is immediately suppressed, and Control Panel cannot be accessed on the R6.  With the release of WinCE 3.0, IP address definition on the BallotStation will be possible again.  The only transmission means currently supported is serial, which requires running a null modem cable between the R6 and the PC and running RAS over the PC port.
The AccuVote-TS R6 I am using was originally configured with a BallotStation version that allowed access to the Control Panel and thus the ability to define an IP address, so that I can transmit over local area network.  A unit initially configured with a newer version of BallotStation, such as the one you are probably using, does not allow access to the Control Panel cannot be assigned an IP address, and therefore can only be used with a serial card.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 10:51 AM
Subject: RE: Network Cards for R-6

I have received a LP-E ethernet card for the R-6.  I have plugged it in, and even tried giving an IP address, but I do not get a connection when I try to download an election.  The R-6 just sits there trying to get a connection, then it times out.  I need to get this working before I go to Johnson County, KS tomorrow.
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From: Jeff Hallmark [mailto:jeffh@gesn.com]
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 9:33 AM
To: Jeff Hintz  
Subject: RE: Network Cards for R-6

The only ethernet card that has any run time here in McKinney is the "Socket" model LP-E.
Install is fairly painless, be sure to run flush after you get it talking.
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From: Jeff Hintz [mailto:jhglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 3:38 PM
To: Jeff Hallmark (E-mail); Nel (E-mail)
Subject: Network Cards for R-6

Jeff & Nel,
Johnson County, KS wants to do downloading and uploading via a Network Card.  Is there only certain Network Cards that we can use, or can any PCMCIA Network Card be used???  Also, can you tell me the settings and installation for the Network Card.
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