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1.96.3 30 party feature details

AccuVote-OS  firmware 1.96.3 will increase the longstanding 10-party limit to 30.  1.96.3 prerelease 2 will go out for testing shortly.  It will display "96.3p2" at boot. 
To use the 30-party feature, you will also need GEMS 1.18.8 and the accompanying 195us.abo.  Previous GEMS remain compatible as long as you don't have more than 10 parties. 
The memory card format needed to change slightly to accommodate the new parties.  This will cause a "format memory card" message for testers with memory cards downloaded using 1.96.1-2 or previous 1.96.3 prereleases the first time they are used.  Re-download and you should be good to go.