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RE: WinCE212-011120

If you load this software onto an R6 unit, please note the unit Serial Number and inform Barney Lucas of that number, either by email or phone message.  With no visible means of knowing what version of CE is on a machine, the only way to track it is to log the installation on a spreadsheet.
Ian S. Piper
Manufacturing Director
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The WCE212-011120 image is now on the ftp site in the BS4Fix directory.  The password is handj91ndj09s
To load this image unzip it to a PCMCIA storage card and insert the storage card in the AVTS-R6 units lower PCMCIA slot and then turn the system on.
The boot loader will detect the new image and load it into the Flash.
This fixes the 'clicking' problem with the sound, therefore unless you are having a real problem with the 'clicking' do not bother to load this release.