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Re: AccuVote-OS "passing ballots"

Since customers aren't looking for this to happen, and it is infrequent, I think all we are going to prove is that it's happening in more places than we know about.   Marin is running 1.94w.  Gwinnett, Brevard, Savanah.  I'm sure if we inquired we'd get alot of folks who think this is happening.   Then again, unless someone can show it happening repeatedly, how would they prove it.  I'm sure we've done some testing internally, but it seems more may need to occur.  I'll check with Marin and see if they have a repeatable condition.
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I've been informed by Don V. that Cobb County had experienced the same, but they suspected torn ballots (stubs removed from the ballot bottom also removed part of the timing mark.)  I'll be following that up today by contacting Beth Kish in Cobb for details.
Perhaps more details can be gathered (by John, Don, and Steve) from the other accounts experiencing this.
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Gwinnett County GA testifies to it as  a recurring problem. We’ve had it in Savannah also.  One or two in Brevard county in the Nov. 6th election and one in Duval in the last special election.  All are running 1.94W


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Steve: I have had it happen a few times and could find no reason for it. At the precinct I usually suspect poll worker error. But have had it occur on rerun of the ballots.


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Subject: AccuVote-OS "passing ballots"


Also have report from Marin regarding 3 precincts with significant "passed ballots", i.e., ballot going thru

AccuVote without being counted.  Anyone else experiencing this?


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