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Re: Pre-Election Report Error Using 1-17-15 and Win2K

This error message appeared in three elections that I know about in November, all using Windows 2000.  According to Dmitry, the ODBC has to be modified.
The problem comes up when trying to find out which voting locations have not uploaded using the Accu-Vote upload reports.
VTS showed the ID number in the upload screen as it was uploaded.  This would be a very convenient tool in GEMS instead of a yellow face turning green and then to red.  You know somebody uploaded but not which one.  While you're trying to find it in the Accu-Vote upload reports or the log, other vote centres would have come in.
Having the vote centre label appear on the upload screen along with the green happy face would be a definite asset when trying to manage the modems.
Greg in Gatineau 
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Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 7:41 AM
Subject: Pre-Election Report Error Using 1-17-15 and Win2K

I am testing the server setup and election database in Ramsey Co., MN (GEMS 1-17-15 on Windows 2000)
When I attempt to preview or print pre-election reports, I get the following error message:
Failed to connect to database
Error (527) - Error in File:
SQL server error.
Election summary, SOVC and Cards Cast reports all work fine.  I have also tried loading another database on the server and I get the same error message when trying to preview or print pre-election reports.
Database attached.

Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems