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Re: GEMS InstallPack Question

GEMS Installpack removes the only files and directories that have been created during installation, it does not remove directories that've been created by user. For instance if you created "Font' directory under GEMS and later uninstalled GEMS, you still should have 'Font' directory because installpack knows nothing about this directory and won't remove it.
GEMS InstallPack installs following components and always overwrites them;
1) GEMS Software
2) TSText files
3) Crystall Report files and Crystall Report sytem dll's
4) JResultClient software
5) ABasic files
6) Windows system dll's
Installpack never owerwrites LocalDB directory, so all the databases you created should remain on a disk after reinstallation.
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Subject: GEMS InstallPack Question

When you use the GEMS install pack, say GEMS 1.17.17, does it wipe out your GEMS directory structure and start over or does it just replace the folders that it finds relevant?  For example, I've got a "fonts" folder there, would it delete this?  I generally put older GEMS versions folders and a temp folder there, does it wipe those out? What software does it install (fonts, tstext, etc?).  Thanks
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