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Re: Placer - Shimming Central Count AccuVotes

Don, I spoke to Jeff today.  He confirms that the ballots were scored.  However, he believes that the cause is both a factor of variance in the plastic read head unit (although I have not personally measured this variance) and the fact that the scoring folder machine he has is relatively inexpensive and could probably do a better job of keeping the "bump" down if a better model scoring / folding machine were used.  He says he has requests in for same.
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Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 7:58 AM
Subject: Re: Placer - Shimming Central Count AccuVotes

Steve: Thanks again for your response. I have shimmed out 4 of the units and they are working better. On one I had used some very thin neoprene washers. On testing it was found the unit would accept 2 ballots, which would probably not be as significant a problem with ballots being hand fed. Upon changing to the paper shim used in the other unitd the ballot count was correct on all decks run. It would appear that the ballots are not scored and this may be causing the problem since the fold line is rather thicker than what we usually see. Does this sound feasible? Would scored ballots be a problem when using the feeders - Cause them to tear when being fed? The jammed ballots we have had are really jammed to the point that a good deal tear and cannot be removed from the read head without taking it apart. The majority of the torn portion can sometimes be removed, bot on 4 of the units ballot pieces have been forced into the idler wheels and locked them up.
    I am really open to any suggestions. Right now I would tend to agree with Steve that perhaps we need to look at special units for CC and accu-feed units if the ballot issue were to continue. Could CC units be set to detect ballot thickness to determine a double ballot rather than a physical limitation?
Thanks: Don
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Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 4:06 PM
Subject: Placer - Shimming Central Count AccuVotes

Per Don Bizmeyer's earlier email regarding central count folded ballots giving alot of errors.  I suggested shimming the units.  This apparently has helped dramatically.  This was done to most units in CA. last year also.  This was done in the field by whomever was at the customer site.  It was probably done inconsistently and using different shim methods.
I am requesting that McKinney manufacturing shim the 5 units to be used for central count for Placer in McKinney.  This should not be a "field" operation.  We have enough evidence now that folded ballots do not do well with the AccuVote-OS without this shimming and should make some accomodation for this at the point of manufacture.
Finally, no one from McKinney responded to Don's request.  I find that to be of concern as well.
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