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weaning everyone off the desktop

Your sentiments are almost word-for-word the conversation Tab and I had on the topic earlier this week.  We're worried that it is premature too. 
But at the same time, the only way that the issues that send people to the desktop are going to get addressed is if we take it away.  We have had the 3.x software for nearly three years, yet ctrl-alt-del kill ballot station is still the standard operating procedure.
Your example below is a good one.  Why the heck would Deborah have to go to the desktop to "boot up an LA vs. VIBS demo"?  If there is a problem with 4.1.2 and the LA database, then we need to know what that problem is and fix it.  As it stands, you probably wouldn't even have brought it up, because you worked whatever the problem was with the desktop.
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I'm probably just in a mental rut on this issue. However if the product was stable I could imagine taking the desktop away.  But given how often we are trying to tweek something, aren't field personnel going to lose alot of time waiting for new releases if they need to delete a file or rename something in order to test it. 
This morning Deborah needed to do a demo with a vibs version and non-vibs version and needed the desktop to boot up an LA vs a VIBS demo.  Maybe I'm all wet here, but this seems a bit premature.
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anticipating your response Ken.
however thought it needed to be brought up
(Must think beyond the box)
Must be no more bugs in the software.
Total elimination of the desktop is coming.  There was discussed regarding this on certification list (unfortunately), so Ian/Jeff you didn't get a chance to see it.  I don't think Wyle will be renaming word files to .ins.
I am removing myself from the cert list.