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RE: Nc database

yes..i just installed on my computer 1.17.15, 1.15.9 1.11.2 1.11.14  i
thought maybe what happened when i locked up i had too many versions of gems
open at once. is that possible? i just went back and looked and i am getting
the same internal error in  -  1.15.9, 1.16.9 and 1.11.2 but NOT in 1.17.15
or 1.11.14. I have been able to download cards and tested ballots from the
printer when I get in all databases?  again, i only have one county that i
am sending a disk for them to upload into  gems. all others are just reports
from machines and everything so far tests OK.

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Have you installed any new GEMS releases recently?


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I attaching a file for Harnett, NC database. 1.15.9

My system locked up a week ago.  I rebooted. I already had the cards
downloaded.  the customer decided she wanted another spare card.  today when
i went into the database, i was able to download another card, but when i
looked at the ballot style i get an INTERNAL ERROR.  She has the software so
i need to send her a disk. i don't know if the internal error will cause her