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District Rotation - Not sequential with Cards or Ballots

I am not sure if this is a bug, or just the way that GEMS handles the District Rotation, or I have not set up the District Rotation correctly.
Attached is the database for 2 Precincts, 1 Race, and 3 Candidates for Johnson County, KS.  It is not really a District Rotation, however, this is how it is set up, due to the State Law, that requires that all candidates be rotated within each precinct.  Since this election only has 2 precincts and 3 candidates, we set up a Rotation District with 3 Sub-Districts with the rotation set accordingly for each Sub-District, and 3 Base Precincts for each of the 2 Report Precincts.  Then within the Race, we defined the rotation as District and selected the Rotation District accordingly. 
GEMS does create the rotations, however, Ballot 1 is rotation 2, Ballot 2 is rotation 1, and Ballot 3 is rotation 0.  Where I would expect Ballot 1 to be rotation 0, Ballot 2 to be rotation 1, and Ballot 3 to be rotation 2.
Is this a bug, or the way that GEMS does it???
Global Election Systems
Jeff Hintz