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RE: Florida "Audio Ballot" Standards

You're not being obtuse at all. 
I don't know whether Florida has recall or not, but that is another case.  The fundamental case however is when they vote for the first candidate in a ten candidate vote-for one race.  The other nine candidates are no longer "available" to vote-for.  In the visual world, we turn off their vote boxes. 
Right now for VIBS we play these candidates for the voter just so they know who they missed out on voting, but the voter can't actually do anything with these candidates.  This is tedious if they know who they wanted to vote for (presumably the normal case), and it is especially tedious when they don't care about the race at all.
Hence the need for a flag.  I suspect most right-thinking jurisdictions will want to skip the disabled candidates.  Florida if they stick to this requirement will have to let them play.

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Florida does not have straight party voting.  The only race types Florida ever uses are "candidate" and "question".  Pardon me for being obtuse, but in what situation would a Florida voter not know what candidates would have been available to them in the first place?