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RE: Cross endorsement

thanks...i've put him in touch with Greg..Greg can use his "new York"
knowledge to work through this.  The ballot has already been laid out by the
printer for a NOV 6, 2001 election that I guess they are running on AV, then
LHS programs to the oval position....wow!!!  I've done that before with LHS
and it is scary!!

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> Cathy Colgan
> Gerry Bergeron from LHS is trying to lay out a ballot for a first time
> election in CT.
> Tyler recommended he use 1.18.4, which he is.

This is the correct recommendation since 1.18.4 is the first release to
support cross endorsement.

> The requirement is:
> Cross-endorsed candidates appear twice on the ballot with
> different ovals in
> party rows.

Okay, it sounds like they should be using "fixed" and "col" in the race
layout options.  Cathy, you might contact Greg to train you on how to do
this.  He is as close to an expert on the topic as we got.

> If the candidate is voted for in both parties they would like the
> vote to go
> to the lower party, the 2nd party counter if possible.

Uh huh.  It looks like "push" is going to be pretty prevalent for cross
endorsed accounts.  Greg, can you confirm that in NY they wanted the same
thing, only the higher party not the lower?  Cathy, how does CT rotate
ballots (if at all)?

The short answer to "if possible" is "not right now".  This would require a
firmware change, and I don't know that this would be possible if they are
short on time, nor whether it could be done w/o disturbing the certification

> He is not use GEMS for typesetting he is adjusting the ovals to where the
> printer places them.

Lay out the ballot in GEMS and send the postscript to the print shop.  The
printer doesn't have to typeset anything.