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 he mentioned an oversize keyboard that would plugged into the TS unit for
the ViBS application.
  As described earlier, but here at length -  Larger than life keys with
the key identifier both in print and brail imbedded to identify the
characters to the voter. These  Large keys (3x normal size)  for the
visually impaired to see for write-ins.
  Built onto the board was suppose to be a telephone key pad  where the
standard numeric characters would be,  for the voter to select the candidate
of  his/her choice.   At the time all we had was a numeric key pad  - one
not in the form of a telephone pad but more like one on my current keyboard
and yours. ( an accountants keypad).
 Maybe it was just a sales pitch - the sales meeting was in December, two
months later when Diebold showed up - he described it again  to their
principals.  That's all I know - I never saw the thing, don't know if it now
or ever was functional for our purposes.  But to Bob  U's credit - I thought
it sounded great.

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I know what it is, I found it after all.  I just don't know what it is good
for.  Is the idea that we put a bigkeys QWERTY keyboard in every poll so
that blind voters can enter write-ins?

Honestly I am not making this up.  What is it for?  You said Bob talked
about it at length.  What did he say (at length)?


QWERTY -- for your edification, the kind of keyboard sitting in front of you
at the moment.

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> John McLaurin
> Never laid eyes on it - just heard about "it" -  this "bigkeys"
> thing sounds
> like the same item.  MS - Ken for your personal edification - Microsoft :)
> and a wink.