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Fw: Upgrading R5 to AVTS-4-1-0-2

Thanks, totally overwhelmed with support,          NOT!
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Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 2:12 PM
Subject: Upgrading R5 to AVTS-4-1-0-2

It is my intention to install GEMS-1-18-4 and TSText-1-18-3 on the R5 NT AVTS demo that I have.  The R5 has VIBS capability.  I cannot communicate with the R5 from my network.
I do not have an Imation drive in my desktop or laptop, however I do have an R4 with an Imation drive communicating to the host through a hub .  I plan to copy the GEMSIS from the desktop to an Imation diskette in the R4, then put the Imation diskette in the R5 to install GEMS.
The plan is to use the R5 to demonstrate and learn VIBS.
Question.  Can I keep the AVTS-3-13-x-x Poll Book and Ballot Station on the R5 as well to demo the 7 language database from LA County?

Greg Forsythe
Global Election Systems, Inc
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