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write-in error message? (was RE: BS-4-0-9)

What bugtrack (date, title) are you refering to?  I thought you were talking about language selection this morning (hence the spanish lesson).  Is write-ins broken in 4.0.8 as well?  Anyway, the short answer to your question is "no", but that said I just tried write-ins with 4.0.9 and it works fine.
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Does this also fix the error message for the write in dialog?
I spoke with Ken about it this morning
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Ballot Station 4-0-8 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BallotStationNT-4-0-9-0.zip  Sep 07, 2001 zcbd0jhnoqrb1
BallotStationCE-4-0-9-0.zip  Sep 07, 2001 gcbmnjhno2nba
  • Fix error failed initialize language dialog.
  • Do not allow ballot text to be scaled to fit.