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Re: State of Virginia Red Oval questions

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From: Larry Dix
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 4:30 PM
Subject: State of Virginia Red Oval questions

I received a call from State of Virginia with the following questions regarding red ovals and I need assistance in responding. 


1.) Can we use red ovals?   Yes the color of red ink must be Pantone 032


2. ) Are there issues with the blind population in regards to seeing the red ovals?  According to the National Institute for the Blind, 90% of the blind have limited vision.  Those that are colour blind see colour in shades of grey.  Red is seen as almost black.  The ideal is a 14 point font on white paper with good lighting.  I would think that using one of those technician's lamps with the circular fluorescent lamp and magnification would be ideal.  I believe they are used for repairing circuit boards.


3.) What is the acceptable width of the line that makes up the red oval?


4.) Can I print all ovals in black and then make a second pass at the ballot covering the black ovals with red ink?  I have run an election with this combination.   About 4,000 voters.  No problems.


5.) Does anyone have the printer specs for red ovals?


They would like a response by September 1, 2001 so that they can discuss at a state wide meeting.


I would suggest you call the local blind association and discuss what is ideal.




Thanks in advance for your help.



Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems