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RE: Lots of unrelated RCRs from bowers (was RE: why bother with a subject, anyway)

From: Nel Finberg [mailto:nel@gesn.com]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 3:49 PM
This is a bug, but it turns out hard to fix structurally.  A bug is a bug though -- I will fit it in somehow.  Rattle my chain in a couple of weeks if you don't see any movement on this one.  Backups are definately your friend on this one, though.
Ken, I don't see this in place in GEMS 1-18-4, and you posted this on July 20th. 

Its still broken (no one rattled my chain).    
This is in 1.18 (though I don't like the feature myself).  I think Dmitry did the RCR post some time ago.
Could you explain to me with some more detail what you are refering to here?
1.18 has a checkbox on the cards cast tab of manual entry.  If you enter in the number of cards cast and check the box, you don't have to enter in the times counted in the race tab.
The manual entry behavior changed a little as well.  It used to be that GEMS would not let you off a given race until the totals were in check.  All races now start off life out of check since the race times counted is implied by the cards cast.  Now you can move between races that are out of check.  You can't actually commit the results until all races are brought back in check though.  The races that are out of check are drawn gray.