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RE: AVTS double imposed screen after outage

This involves replacing the cmos backup battery with a battery pack. 
Then the correct version of the cmos is reinstalled.
To find out if your machine has been updated check in the rear cavity where the On/Off switch resides for a sticker labeled "ECO 0101"
Please note the double image evoked is of the first screen image.
About 15 lines down there should be the message "CMOS battery failed"
The unit will not process further without pressing the delete key to get into the cmos settings.
Send the unit to McKinney for repair.
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Double screen is a symptom of the cmos battery backup on the CPU board gone bad.  Please get a field shipper number and send the unit back to McKinney.  It needs a factory repair.
Steve R.  
What does "the factory repair" involve?