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RE: AVTS double imposed screen after outage

Double screen is a symptom of the cmos battery backup on the CPU board gone bad.  Please get a field shipper number and send the unit back to McKinney.  It needs a factory repair.
Steve R.
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Subject: AVTS double imposed screen after outage

A power outage occurred while I was testing my AVTS. After re-booting I got a double imposed screen. I went into Setup and noticed some of my Cmos settings where different than other AVTS units here in the office. After I made the changes and re-booted, the screen was fine. But, a couple minutes later, another outage. Again a double screen, however when I changed the Cmos settings, the screen stays the same. I duplicated all my Setup & Win95 display settings with the other AVTS units and still no luck. Anyone else had this problem?